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Twenty - One Years: Introduction

My Mum and Dad never beat me or my brother, they just abandoned us when we were infants.. That was when they came over to Ireland and gave us up to our grandparents in County Kerry for the next five years. Aside from a brief reunion after that, they abandoned us again but this time they never came back at all. That was when they left us to a reformatory school for girls in the west of the country. I was five years old and my brother Michael was six. We would finally end up in a reform school for boys and go on to make the best of it. After I escaped from that prison when I was fifteen years old, I would search for my parents who did not want to be found. What came from it was that I would not call them Mum and Dad and they would not call me son for none of us had earned or even practised those emotions. Yet, at the end of it all I found happiness. It was at a 21st birthday party several years ago that I conceived the idea to write my story as i looked at the happy young man in front of me surrounded by family and friends. In the retracing of those years that had been mine, I found my story so crazy in the narrative it felt like I was writing about someone else. I have little regret that it happened at all for I never get bored in the retelling; remembering and reliving memories always into a positive acceptance and never forgetting the good people that I met along the way carried me over the line that determined my happiness and state of mind today. So, for a little while, you might want to sit back to read and enjoy a story that happens to be true. 

Taken at my 21st birthday party

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