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Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Irish Special Criminal Court is a Kangaroo Court

The Irish Special Criminal Court is a Kangaroo Court in everything but name and justice has nothing to do with it. It had already been roundly condemned by the Irish Council for Civil Liberties,  Amnesty International and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights.  It just take two judges to convict and there is no jury to restrain their hidden political affiliations or prejudices, and if we are reduced to that, then they might as well bring back a shot to kill policy and internment without trial. If that seems extreme it is no more so than what this ‘Special’  Court is about.  

To begin the trail of injustice to this court we must start with the Police and one that has shown incompetence and corruption at an equal level. Gerry Adams said very kindly that they are lazy which lays the foundation for the rest. If we cant find the evidence lets just plant it before we have our breakfast roll.

One group of suspects were brutalised by the Police before getting the ‘Special' treatment in these Kangaroo courts while another got convicted there on the rather suspect evidence presented by Gardai which turned out to be more than false.  The major criticisms of this court is that it was set up as a terrorist court but are increasingly trying domestic crimes.  

The killing at the boxing weigh-in at a hotel in Dublin recently, and other related ones before and after, is from criminal gangs only whose political motives are none.  When the hotel manager tried to call the Police three times, he could not get through to anyone, breakfast roll or no.  It was a Gardai friend of his who eventually tried to get the ball rolling. The series Killinaskully is never far from the mind when you think of these genius cops and now they want to arm themselves with AK-47’s as well. Suffer the thought. If we only thought we were in danger before then we certainly are now and not from the criminals.  

The Police force in Ireland is a mess.  The Ombudsman policing them might as well have a tin whistle and any other whistle blowers with the courage to take on these beer swilling brothers of the after hours and penalty points fraternal brotherhood, better think again, and have a career change in place before they find they have no career at all.

Barry Clifford