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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A Conundrum For The Day

A man owes you €90,000 and he offers you the money straight away in cash or an alternate ironclad payment plan over 30 days starting with one cent on the first day and doubling the amount everyday as it rolls over until the final payment. Which plan would you go for? If you opted for the second plan then it would prove that you were good at maths for the numbers stack up  like this: 

1st day)                                                      1 cent
2nd day)                                                     2 cent
3rd day)                                                      4 cent
4th day)                                                      8 cent
5th day)                                                    16 cent
6th day)                                                    32 cent
7th day)                                                    66 cent
8th day)                                                   132 cent
9th day)                                                   264 cent
10th day)                                                 528 cent
11th day)                                               1,056 cent
12th day)                                               2,112 cent   
13th day)                                               4,224 cent 
14th day)                                               8,448 cent
15th day)                                             16,896 cent 
16th day)                                             33,792 cent 
You are over halfway and all this guy has given you is less than €33. Keep going though for it gets better for you! 

17th day)                                            67,584 cent
18th day)                                           135,168 cent
19th day)                                           270,336 cent  
20th day)                                           540,672 cent
21st day)                                         1,081,344 cent 

Still, come on, it is less than €11,000 on the 21st day. Hold tight……

22nd day)                                        2,162,688 cent 
23rd day)                                         4,325,376 cent
24th day)                                         8,650,672 cent
25th day)                                       17,301,504 cent 
26th day)                                       34,603,008 cent
27th day)                                       68,206,016 cent 
28th day)                                     136,412,032 cent 
29th day)                                     272,824,064 cent
30th day)                                     545,648,128 cent

That means you received over €5,456,481 and 28 cents on the last day.

Barry Clifford