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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Who really is policing the Irish police?????

Below are just a very small few random samples of what is going on in our police force:

Murphy Report: The church authorities in collusion with the Police systematically covered up for paedophile priests and Bishops in Ireland for decades

Garda John Burke (40) was jailed for 12 months after he was found guilty of attempting to pervert the course of justice by moving a Garda CCTV camera away from the assault scene.
In August last year Sgt Martha McEnery (43) received a four-month suspended sentence after a Waterford Circuit Criminal Court jury convicted her of assaulting Anthony Holness (39) at New Street in Waterford on January 29th.

A former Co Wexford garda has been jailed for three years for causing loss by corruption and deception to an insurance company. John Joe Synnott (55), of Camblin, New Ross, was found guilty at the April sitting of Wexford Circuit Criminal Court.

A garda who accepted a €1,500 bribe for processing work permit applications for a Tandoori restaurant owner was handed a 12-month 'suspended' prison sentence yesterday.

A FORMER garda who accepted a £500 bribe from a man whom he had arrested for drink driving has been given a three-year suspended sentence and merely fined by Judge Des Hogan.

Claire Daly TD was stopped by Gardai for making an illegal right hand turn, a mistake to you and me, and breathalysed; the equipment did not register a reading. She was still arrested and handcuffed and taken to jail 300 metres away. When she objected to being handcuffed, she was told it was procedure. She was put in a cell and gave a urine sample. 
Upon being released, she was told by a female garda to come back when she was sober. She was found to be well below the drink driving limit. She believed though she was arrested by Gardai because she had complained about police corruption under parliament privilege a few weeks earlier. In the meantime and undaunted, the gardai are still pursuing her for the ‘illegal’ right hand turn.

2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016
This period has seen the Gardai go after their own; no, not the dishonest cops but the ‘honest’ ones. Whistle blowers unite for if they do not they will be blown away.....

Anything or anybody is fair game in Irelands mercenary police force of ill fame. Make sure your tyre is not bald or your NCT is expired, and woe betide you if they find only you have lied. The above list has expanded somewhat since and the present state of affairs is about to get a whole lot worse. It is a force that is rotten to the core.......stay tuned for more is sure to follow!!!!