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Friday, October 28, 2016



‘The very private drama of mother and son began on May 12, 1965, when O’Mara gave birth to an illegitimate child, the product of a brief liaison with actor David Orchard.’ This was part of an article that was printed in a major British newspaper recently written by a writer who has not caught up yet with the 21st century or the more enlightened healthy norms that are associated with it. The article was about the life and death of a British actress called Kate O’ Mara. He is not alone of people who write like this; many writers for the Catholic Church and other “Christian’ faith propaganda news sheets do too. It is the word ‘illegitimate’ that inflames any reasoned free thinking person of the past, the present, and hopefully always the future.

The Merriam Webster dictionary defines the word illegitimate as this: (1) Not recognized as lawful off spring; specifically: born of parents not married to each other. (2) Not rightly deduced or inferred: Illogical. (3) Departing from the regular: erratic (4) Not sanctioned by law (5) Not authorized by good usage.
Please note: some other dictionary definitions define the word illegitimate as 'bastard'  

There is more but you get the point, though how can a child be associated in part or in full with such a word that is more intentioned to define fraud and white collar crime is beyond me, or that the miracle of birth of a truly innocent is a crime, or of the parents that committed that natural act of lovemaking have it classed as a heinous act? 

It is all about power and indoctrination that is religion, any religion, where the only proof asked and given is that you be one of the faithful from a long tradition that was founded on fear. That tradition is the only proof that is offered for such a twisted morality on the miracle of birth. Religious right is driven only by the might of numbers, much like politics, and mercifully those numbers are falling fast even with the die hard members of the major mainstream occult religions that can brand any baby as illegitimate.

For the many children abandoned, and given away for profit by religious groups that were in involved in ‘illegitimate’ adoptions just in this small country of Ireland alone; for those who were buried in secret here by shamed mothers because of the scaremongering of the local Taliban priest; for those hidden on remote islands and hilltops less they assail the purity of thoughts of the faithful or spoil the view of the countryside, may this never happen ever again. 

To those yet to be born, or their parents, may they never again be stigmatized by a word that is so misused to describe them as that word called ‘illegitimate’ that started the destruction of many children and their parents down through the ages before and after the darkness; and may Philomena Lee yet be reunited with her beloved 'illegitimate' son somewhere in the light beyond just above the clouds and the fear.

Barry Clifford