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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Photo Minute: A Lost England? 1870-1930

A Lost England? Incredible black and white photos reveal what life was like for people in the 19th and early 20th centuries and how the issues they faced were not so different than the ones we do today

English flooding is certainly not a new phenomenon, as demonstrated by this archive of photographs
More than 1,200 photographs revealing late 19th and early 20th-century England have been released 
Lost England 1870-1930 shows resemblances between issues we face today and those of 100 years ago

Incredible photos, released for the first time, show what life was like in late 19th and early 20th-century Britain.
More than 1,200 black and white photos are published for the first time together in the book Lost England 1870-1930.
Some of the amazing images show people dealing with the issues we still face today, including flooding in towns and cities.
Others show factory workers, some of them children, lined up and operating huge machinery. 

The British labour force is particularly well documented with stunning photos showing builders working on the Manchester Ship Canal in 1889, traders at Newcastle's Bigg market in 1920 and female munitions factory workers building bombs in 1917.

Iron mongers taking a break 1897

Cunard Shell Works in Birkenhead in 1917. The women are making weapons that were shipped over to France during WWI

Children in a country lane, Dinton, Buckinghamshire, 1904. The child on the left is in a rather basic perambulator, which was thought to be good for the health

J Plater's Cart, Van & Carriage Works in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire in 1903. Young apprentices who are barely 12 years old can be seen working alongside the men 

Construction workers pause to have their picture taken while building the Manchester Ship Canal in 1889

Residents in the aptly named Lake Street in New Hinskey, Oxfordshire deal with flooding in 1890

The Picture House in Liverpool (pictured left in 1912), which has since been demolished. Pictured right in 1891 is Sunderland Town Hall. The building was demolished in 1971 after a controversial £50,000 investment

Women in dark dresses and aprons are pictured working in neat rows at the Cellular Clothing Company factory in Swindon in 1902

Traders at work in Newcastle's Bigg Market in 1920. The Town Hall (pictured centre) was demolished in 1973

Street entertainers with monkey 1887

An interior view of ward six at the Leeds General Infirmary in 1895

More than 1,200 historic photos of Britain are published in Lost England 1870-1930 by Philip Davis 

Story by Rachel Buford