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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Politician wanted. No experience necessary

“Democracy is the worst form of government except for all those others that have been tried from time to time.” So said Winston Churchill. Of course to have a democracy you need freely elected politicians; the rest just needs brute force. One thing all of them do not need is experience. That can be learned on the job even if you get to find you have your finger on the nuclear button. Mind you, there maybe no one else around to find out how good you could have been, which may unfortunately include you.

It is an amazing fact that you need absolutely no experience at all to be a politician only a personality. Well, some anyway.  Depending on your brief, you can be head of Education, Health, Defense, Justice and more. Laws can be newly dictated, justice rewritten, and cronyism further institutionalised and continued. 

Because of the lack of any defined credentials or morals in any area not of your comfort zone, you can hire those that claim that they have and call them experts. When anyone gets anything wrong afterwards, you can blame them for starters by the now traditional byline: “Based on the information we had at the time.”  This will almost certainly get you out of a mess and leaves any politician blameless in the short term, and even if found out and they are already heading for the exit door, they will be compensated by an obscene pension in the long term. 

Without any intending disrespect to the following occupations or belief systems, and as long as they were not convicted of a state crime, a politician can be head  of the resident military machine even if he was a Klu Klux clan member from Cork. He can also be head of equality and justice while a member of the Kerry branch of Al-Qaeda where any member is automatically qualified to do exactly the same job.  

If you believe that the world is still flat and that Darwin was a heathen and a charlatan, and dinosaurs are only 6000 years old, this will not stop you from being the head of Education, Health and Reform. What a job if you never had one before!  

After democracy, the normally rather optimistic Churchill saw that without it, it was all down hill after that. I am afraid he may well have been right. We get what the enlightened majority elected and that is Donald Trump.....The best thing about Donald is that he is a sure fire guarantee of at least to not be boring and that can be a heavy indictment in itself. 

Barry Clifford