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Sunday, February 26, 2017

Great Compliments

 “We have a very daring and skilful opponent against us, and may I say, across the Havoc of war, a great general.”
Winston Churchill on the German General, Erwin Rommel, during World War 11

“Your performance as Walter White was the best acting I have ever seen.”
Anthony Hopkins writing to Bryan Cranston.

“On a scale of one to ten. I would rate Elvis eleven.”
Sammy Davis Jnr talking about Elvis.

“It was his handshake that inspired me to go into public life.”
Bill Clinton on John F Kennedy.

“He was a revolutionary; man, the way that Elvis freed your body, he freed your mind. And he showed that just because the music was innately physical it did not mean that it was anti intellect.”
Bruce Springsteen on Bob Dylan

“He and I have a lot in common because we both smoke a little dope together now and then, and play a little music any chance we get.”
Willie Nelson on Snoopy Dog

“You know something, you are exactly who you said you are. You never wavered in that.”
Howard Cosell talking to Muhammad Ali.

“She is not, as some would have it, a modern-day parable of reality TV disaster, the tale of an innocent victim whose life has been ruined by transient fame. It is the story of how one woman from a Scottish village set the whole world alight with the sheer force of her personality and raw, undiscovered talent.”
Pierce Morgan on Susan Boyle.

“He was my brother; not by blood but by choice.”
 Frank Sinatra talking about Dean Martin

“Richard and I had an incredible chemistry together. We couldn’t get enough of each other.” Elizabeth Taylor about Richard Burton

“Nothing affected me until Elvis.”
John Lennon on learning all about Elvis

“Meeting Franklin Roosevelt was like opening your first bottle of champagne; knowing him was like drinking it.”
Winston Churchill on meeting Roosevel

“ If the vault was on fire and I could grab only one set of master tapes, I would grab the Beatles.” 
Stephen Jobs on the Beatles

“He was the best ballad singer I ever heard in my life.”
Bob Dylan on Liam Clancy of the Clancy Brothers. 

“Irish signatures are on our founding documents. Irish blood was spilled on our battlefields. Irish sweat built our great cities. Our spirit is eternally refreshed by Irish story and Irish song; our public life by the humour and heart and dedication of servants with names like Kennedy and Regan, O’Neill and Moynihan. So you could say there’s always been a little green behind the red, white and blue on the American flag.” 
President Barack O’Bama  on the Irish.