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Monday, February 6, 2017

March to Rome-May 1945 by American troops in original brilliant colour

These photographs were taken by Carl Mydans, a photojournalist, during the Allied march along the Appien Way in Italy during World War Two. 

March to Rome: This May 1943 photo shows British and South African soldiers showing off a Nazi flag during the Allied march toward Rome in the Italian city of Cassino

Long slog: American soldiers camp along the roadside as they drive towards Rome. The long and bloody Italian Campaign began with the 1943 invasion of Sicily and the ouster of German troops from the 1,000 square mile Mediterranean island

Casualties of war: An American soldier sleeps on a pile of rocks. The Italian Campaign was long a bloody and saw the deaths of tens of thousands of soldiers on both sides, as well as many thousands of civilian casualties

appian way

Unrelenting: American soldiers looking over German armor destroyed during the drive towards Rome. The Italian Campaign began with the booting of Mussolini but didn't end for another 20 brutal months



A column of Amerifcan medical vehicles inches toward Rome. Over the course of the campaign, hundreds of thousands of soldiers were wounded in addition to the casualites

End of the road: A German grave yard crops up along Italy's Esperia Pico Road. The photographs were taken as troops marched to Rome by photojournalist Carl Mydans

End of the line