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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

There is one living near you

A close family member was involved in a ‘no fault’ car accident recently. I advised him to get a lawyer/solicitor just to make sure that he had his legal I’s dotted and crossed with his T’s. The lawyer in this case was picked at random, advised that he send out his own assessor to look at the damages done to the car; he also advised him not to worry about cost as it will be included when the insurance  company settled. The insurance company settled and the lawyer presented his own bill (already deducted from the cheque) and included the ‘yet to be paid’ bill for the assessor.

The vehicle in question was an ten year old car with one too many miles on the clock and worth on a good day €1500. The assessor looked at the van for ten minutes and assessed his own final bill in less time than that at €2500. This is just the bill for his cursory look and the 3 photos he had taken!!! It still remains unpaid as an unjust bill must be fought or we will all be billed together.

It had me thinking about law, lawyers and it’s minions in general, and the only, and I admit, negative and rather miffed conclusion I can come up with is this: Acts or laws and their interpretations are only intended to protect in the main an elite, a hierarchy, whose tentacles have spread far on a global scale to support vast salaries and largesse beyond compare. They are also the bottom feeders like the assessors and a whole tribe of other lesser mortals. From something that was once innately simple, and originally designed to protect you, law has now become a complex entity intended to draw the last Dollar, Euro, or Sterling  from your wallet should you ever have to stand before a court either as a defendant or victim. 

One way or the other, this legal hierarchy will get paid, and it does not matter whether you are guilty or not, right or wrong, for if a morality based law is what you seek, then you will always be at the wrong address for you are faced up against the international union of legal eagles, a brother/sisterhood the likes of such you have never faced before. They would rattle any general, break the richest man, make a hopelessly poor man even more hopeless and poorer still; they are the middlemen, the fences, and will stand in your way long before you can even hope to get justice and winning comes before proof as their ambitions knows no bounds. They will also defend you knowing you are going to lose but lead you to believe that you are going to win. This is the fees at at all cost clause approach even if it will cost you everything.  Of course this does not apply to all practitioners of the law but their complicity in their silence and actions is the burden of guilt that they share. This piece could be classed as a rant but not without strong elements of truth. There is one living near you.

Barry Clifford