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Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ireland 'has appalling record tackling white-collar crime'

So-called 'white-collar' crime is costing the country more than gangland crime, according to Transparency International Ireland.

The group said it is often seen as a victimless crime because it is not as visible as gangland crime.

The comments come as gardaĆ­ raided the homes of 10 criminal gang members this afternoon in Dublin's south inner city - seizing thousands of euro in cash, jewellery, drugs and GPS trackers.

John Devitt, chief executive of Transparency International Ireland, said that Ireland has a poor record in tackling white-collar crime.

"It’s that kind of white-collar crime that largely goes either undetected or uninvestigated or is often not prosecuted," he said.

"In contrast to many other jurisdictions like the US or Hong Kong, Ireland has an appalling record in investing in tackling this problem."