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Monday, March 7, 2016

Justice indeed is a sorry word.

Charles Ingram, the man who won one million pound on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, with the help of a fellow cheat that had a well timed cough to coincide with wrong answers, is still doing a bit of cheating fourteen years on without a break. Of course most good cheaters need a little help and in his case it is the court system itself, full of the usual stock characters of legal dealers that wear dodgy wigs, high accents and a lot of mumbo jumbo as double speak. 

Charlie boy was fined only 25,000 pound initially for his indiscretions but has only paid 1,500 of that so far and is very unlikely to pay any more for in that time the dodgy wig brigade has managed to land their own bill on the British taxpayer for defending at every turn Charlie’s defence of ‘inability’ to pay little or anything (This has not stopped Charlie from sending his children to private schools and living in a rather posh house) That legal bill makes Ingram’s attempted swindle look like kid’s stuff for they collected a whopping 8 million pound so far that makes the Who Wants To Be A Millionaire pantomime a rather poor affair. 

Now, that is England and Ireland is not playing catch up in these sordid legal issues but is intending to take over entirely for a young man in Dublin, who was a victim of mistaken identity for trying to evade a taxi fare, was landed a bill for over €1,600,000 (not a miss- print) by 'his' legal defence team. He had been hanging out in Japan when the incident happened and they are now trying to take his parents home to help pay the bill. Justice indeed is a sorry word.

This is what justice is all about and ever really was. Learn the law before it crushes you as it is not the minor car accident you may be in or other that will land you in their clutches, but it is the law itself and their useful minions that is the proverbial accident waiting to happen!

Barry Clifford