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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Barry Clifford: Dumb And Dumber

So, there will be complete transparency," Alan Shatter said finally about another new and ‘impartial’ investigation into all this bugging. Callinan chorused with him that he will give it his full cooperation. I had to try and stop laughing again at this double act of Shatter and his sidekick, Martin Callinan, both posing as stalwarts of justice and it’s enforcement. The movie Dumb And Dumber comes to mind every time. Shatter also claimed that when the Garda Ombudsman Commission undertook a bugging sweep in their offices, they did not believe they were under surveillance when they first called in the experts to do that security inspection.

Whether that was true, and I am as sure as Shatter that it was not, they certainly believed they were bugged after the sweep. Shatter also advised that he was advised that this type of bugging equipment could have been bought on the internet for only €5000 (Ebay comes to mind) That figure is a bit rich than the amount of money needed to buy a CCTV to watch fish spawning. Mind you, I did not think he needed that advise for all he had to do was check himself. It may have been lost in translation that whether it could have been bought or not, those in the know still needed access to the GOC’s office to be able to use it as it was intended, like 'spying'.

Remember, this man Shatter is a trained lawyer, and I can only surmise at this point if I was charged with a hanging offence and he was my defense council, then I am sure I would be swinging in double quick time.

The bard himself, William Shakespeare, can sum it all better than most: The world is full of lies and the liars that tell them.

By Barry Clifford