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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Barry Clifford: Gay People Are Not Interested In Sport

Neill Francis said that gay people are not interested in sport. Later he said, “I must say it didn’t sound like me at all in a sense.”  That was the first clue.

What sense was he talking about? This former Irish rugby international, we can safely assume, is straight as any heterosexual can be or as a gay person can be gay. Other people even said to him that was not his form. Based on all this information and a new awareness of it, he apologized.

He was asked then was his apology genuine, to which he replied: 
“People know who I am and that is to say what I mean. I don’t think there is any point in saying this unless you mean it.” Which, I suppose one can argue that he meant that gay people don’t like sport after all in the first place. Know what I mean. I wonder though if he really knows gay people so much, could it be that he is gay himself?

Bless him, who cares anyway except maybe him.

By Barry Clifford