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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Humour: DoneDeal or not....

This advertisement  by a Corkman on (Irelands biggest buy and sell website, is definitely original and funny. You can almost hear the Cork drawling accent in the words. Enjoy.

She’s in great running order but  ‘The Man’ says I need some paperwork to put her on the road. She needs a bit of love to get her through the DOE (Road Worthiness Cert) but I may as well be looking at a cow’s arse (backside, bottom, or ass) as trying to fix her myself and I haven’t a notion of paying a mechanic to do it. The last owner stuck four alloys off a Landrover on it for some mad reason, suppose he though it would make her go faster or something. I don’t get it myself, each to their own I suppose.

The inside in the back is painted with anti-bacterial paint (whatever that is). Handy if you want to convert it to an ambulance or transport organs.
Anyway give me a shout. Make some kind of offer but don’t take the piss. I’m saving up for an iPad with all the bells and whistles so could do with a few quid. The nephew had one, they’re some job in fairness.

If you’re planning on making an offer though, you’d  better be prepared.

Offers accepted but Jaysus lads ye better be standing in front of me with a big wad of cash when ye do it.