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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Barry Clifford: Random Acts of Kindness

 Yogi Omar, a homeless Chinese man, living in Vancouver Canada, was really down on his luck with only loose change left  in his pocket; It was not enough to buy a loaf of bread and a pint of milk together, and trying to put a roof over his head when he could afford it seemed like a distant dream. Yet, on this night he met another homeless person who asked him for change. He fiddled around for the little coinage he had and decided he would share everything with the stranger.
As they talked, the stranger asked him how much was the month’s rent for the shelter he stayed in. Omar despondently replied: $469.
The stranger rummaged around his tattered old coat while turning his back on Omar.  After a long minute the stranger  pressed $469 into Omar’s hand. He then told Omar that he and his family participate in an annual so-called random act of kindness project that help people who are kind to the homeless. And just as quick as he appeared, he was gone.
Yogi Omar will never forget this random act of kindness and hopes someday to pass it on for the strangers gift has inspired him to change his life around and get back on his feet.  
Barry Clifford